What I'm doing now

I'm currently in Mombasa, Kenya.

robthinks.com – launching my personal site. My source of truth from here on out. To build a writing habit, share my insights, and connect with like-minds.

Learning SwiftUI – Apple’s app development framework. Why? I can finally build my own apps! Also, programming encourages logical thinking and provides a new perspective to problem-solving.

Getting married – first in Mombasa (officially). Then when COVID blows over, a ceremony in crete. In ancient times, crete was the center of worship for Antheia – goddess of flowers – and Anthea happens to LOVE flowers.

Productivity & PKM – continually maintaining & improving my GTD systems, and building my second brain.

Family business  launching a new brand for Bushtops – our safari company in east Africa. And busy navigating tough times for the tourism industry.

Growing a Bonsai – Anthea got me a bonsai starter kit for my 30th birthday. I'm growing two flamboyants and two jacarandas.

Last update: April 7th, 2021