My Favorite Stuff

Like every other great resource – rainforests, coral gardens, the air we breathe – the internet has become polluted.

Instant access to all of humanity's information isn't as time-saving as most seem to think. It takes effort to find those nuggets of truth and genuine usefulness.

What follows is a collection of my greatest findings. My favorite stuff. Stuff you wouldn't find on the first page of search results; people, books, articles, podcasts, tools, memes, and more.

Human Story

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind – A brilliant book about the history of humans, covering; evolution, anthropology, geography, psychology, religion, ideologies, and the future of humans. Check out Yuval Harari's TED talk (17 min) which is basically a summary of the book.

Take a visual journey back through time with archaeologist Dr. Gino Caspari on Instagram.

Colonizing Mars – See what future SpaceX has planned for humanity with their efforts reinventing space flight. For all the latest, Everyday Astronaut, What About It , and Marcus house provide brilliant commentary.

Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Neuroscience Professor Andrew Huberman, PH.D. shares the latest research and science-based insights on health, mood, learning, and more. You'll find a lot of great stuff from him below.

Reduce levels of anxiety and calm down fast, with the "Physiological Sigh" - two inhales, followed by an extended exhale. Watch Huberman demonstrate how.

Timed Light Viewing Improves Mental & Physical Health – Viewing bright light at sunrise for 2-10 minutes and again at sunset, and avoiding light between 10pm - 4am improves circadian health, which – wait for it – helps us improve sleep, think clearer, learn better, reduce stress, enhance mood, boost immunity, faster wound healing, and much more.

Better Air is the Easiest Way not to Die@dynomight details how fixing your air could be the most effective health intervention. If you use an ultrasonic humidifier in your bedroom you should really read this.

The Functional Medicine Approach to COVID-19: Virus-Specific Nutraceutical and Botanical Agents


Getting Stuff Done Like a Boss – a step-by-step guide by @ForteLabs to implementing David Allen’s GTD. Capture "open loops" – all the things you want to get done – then revisit them later without relying on memory.

Building a Second Brain by @ForteLabs – a modern approach in personal knowledge management.

@JamesClear's 3-2-1 newsletter offers bite-sized insights on habits you can apply right away.

Unroll – Instantly see a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe easily from whatever you don’t want.

Andrew Huberman, PH.D. tells us how we can optimize learning when we lack focus versus having too much focus.


"Accurate self-knowledge is the key to getting what you want out of life." I couldn't agree more. PrinciplesYou is a free personality assessment made by Adam Grant and Ray Dalio. The landing page says results in 10 minutes, which is true, but the entire assessment can take over 30 minutes. It's well worth it though!

The Cognitive Bias Codex – A Visual Of 180+ Cognitive Biases by jm3. Here's a Creative Commons version of the Codex on Wikipedia.


Watch Neuralink's latest brain-computer interface demonstration – a monkey playing Pong with two Neuralink implants.

Get high speed internet with Starlink. There's a waitlist for most regions, but you can pay a deposit to secure a place in line. Starlink is especially useful in remote areas.

The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence (Part one), Our Immortality or Extinction (Part two)

Home & Hobby

How to Build a Smokeless Fire – All you need is a metal tube that gives airflow directly to the base of the fire, and keep in mind that it does go through wood a bit faster.