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Congratulations. We won. We made it to the top of the food chain. No other creature has the cognitive capacity to deliver a car-sized rover to the surface of another planet, and beam back cute selfies with a Martian backdrop. We’re on the cusp of becoming a multi-planet species. Not bad for a bunch of brainy hominids. But how’d we do it? How did humans escape earth’s gravity well, all while the other animals remain none the wiser?

The truth is, those who dent the universe – you know, the crazy ones, the misfits – they rely on a rare human ability to see truth more clearly. It’s a prerequisite for progress, and amusingly, animals do it better than people. People are terrible at modelling reality. The distinct peculiarity that separated animals from humans has been nothing more than a distraction all along.

Imagine for a moment how much more productive your life would be if you had perfect clarity and saw the full truth in any situation. You'd have a super power. The effects it would have on your life would be profound.

Dismantling all of your assumptions is unbelievably painful. Even Einstein battled biases. Protecting our self-conception in our daily thought processes is our default state. It’s why getting out of your comfort zone is such useful self-improvement advice. It’s the ultimate hack in personal growth. It’s how Elon Musk joined the shortlist of nations who crewed missions to low earth orbit, all while rear-ending the entire auto industry with smarter, safer, s3xy sedans.  

The good news, is we’re innately primed to model one reality. Your brain spent millions of years being shaped to life in the African bush. The human species ­– an animal among the animals – can easily tame the mind from distractions caused by the relatively recent changes in cerebral chemistry.

To see truth in any situation. To think better. Think clearer. For finding out what really matters – live a little more like your prehistoric relatives and rediscover an aspect of reality that has lain dormant in you.

"You could never convince a monkey to give you a banana by promising him limitless bananas after death in monkey heaven."  — Yuval Noah Harari

Find out what really matters.

Repetition is key for training your mind to see truth more clearly. Each week, I deliver a reminder – along with the highest quality insights for bettering the human condition.

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